Explore history in Edgerton

Let the worries of your day-to-day routine melt away as you soak in local history all around you in Edgerton. Walk the halls that once belonged to a world-famous raccoon and marvel at the architecture of restored tobacco warehouses. Learn why Edgerton is Wisconsin’s Tobacoo Land and why our cinnamon rolls are unmatched.


You can’t talk about Edgerton history without talking about tobacco. The city was built as an agricultural hub for growing, processing, and distributing tobacco throughout history. Tobacco production has dwindled overtime, but it has left behind an unmistakable footprint. Cruise through downtown to see the architecture of towering refurbished tobacco warehouses and celebrate the city’s past with us during the annual Tobacco Heritage Days Festival.


Explore the childhood home of acclaimed author Sterling North and his furry friend Rascal, the titular character of North’s world-famous novel. “Rascal” details the adventures of North and his raccoon companion, which took place in the home that has since been restored into a museum.

“Rascal” was adapted into a Disney film and a Japanese cartoon TV show “Rascal the Raccoon,” known as Araiguma Rasukaru in Japan. Other titles from North include “Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House,” “The Wolfling: A Documentary Novel of the Eighteen-Seventies,” “Raccoons are the Brightest People,” and more.


Indulge on the best cinnamon roll you’ve ever had when you visit The Fulton Store. The store served as a house and general store since its construction in the late 1800s, with new life being breathed in by its current owners in 2019. The Fulton Store keeps true to its historic roots as a general store, selling grocery items and other goods, but has expanded to offer made-to-order pizzas, desserts, and other delicious treats.

There’s always something going on in Edgerton. Don’t miss out on the action.

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