Edgerton Performing Arts Center

The Edgerton Performing Arts Center is a hub for performance art and culture nestled right inside Edgerton High School, partnering education with world-class performance. The Wartmann Endowment, established by Edgerton boosters and lovers of art William and Joyce Wartmann, supports annual musical and theatrical acts from around the world to perform right in Edgerton. The center also supports the endeavors of local students, hosting school plays, concerts, and other events open for public enjoyment.

The 598-seat theater includes a 50-foot wide, 37-foot high and 32-foot deep stage with an additional 10-foot thrust. Fly space above the stage includes an additional 18 feet to fly scenery. A Complete Wenger acoustical shell encompasses the stage for best musical performances and is removed for theatrical performances.

The performing arts center boasts state-of-the-art equipment including ETC light board, clear-com wired intercom system, and optional in-house location for operating lights and sound providing wheelchair accessibility to theater technician. The control room includes a 32-channel Yamaha mixing console, effects, cassette, DAT, MD, CD player and recorders. Alesis 24 track hard drive recorder also included. 

Check out our events calendar to find a full listing of upcoming shows, concerts, and other performances.

200 Elm High Drive
Edgerton, WI 53534


(608) 561-6200