Edgerton Hospital Healing Garden

Step back and take a reprieve from everyday stressors at the Edgerton Hospital Healing Garden. The 7-acre garden is free and open to the public daily, no hospital trip or admittance required. The garden includes astounding public art displays, native prairie plants, a gazebo, water features, and much more. Just past the garden is a wooded 25-acre trail that is perfect for hiking, jogging, cross-country skiing and other outdoor recreational activities. Adequate parking space is available for buses and other large vehicles accommodating group tours and other groups of visitors.

The garden is maintained with help from the Edgerton Hospital Foundation, Garden Manager Mark Dwyer, and dozens of passionate volunteers.

Visit the foundation’s website to learn more about how to volunteer at the Gardens.

The Healing Garden is home to community events and educational workshops throughout the year. Visit our events calendar to find event information.


11101 North Sherman Rd.
Edgerton, WI 53534